Story Line



Explore cities,tropical islands, forgotten kingdoms under the sea, dangerous marshes or even have a walk among the stars in the sky.

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Join the proud wizards of Gateway or the elven kingdom of pegauses dale or join the realms of men.

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Meet with exotic races such as mermaids, dark elves and elfs. Explore their histroy, learn about them and be their ally or their enemy.

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Relegion plays an important role in seed of the arcane, since they are many gods in our Pantheon.You may join their ranks and become their choosen one or ignore them and invest in other thinks like arcane magic.

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Class Tree's

Choose your path

Royal Path

Classess belong to the royal path are warriors or clerics.Such classess have a respect for the law and religion also they are loyal to the king.This branch also containt ex-royals classess for example fallen knights that have become merceneries.Some of the classess of this branch have strick order and should be choosed carefully.
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Arcane Path

The Arcane path containt all the classess that have arcane magic, including mages and batlemages.Arcane spellcaster are equally feared and respected in the Northern isles.Such classess may possed great power but they must be played skillfullly in order to stay alive.

Choose Arcana

Nature Path

The Nature path , containt druids and rangers.Such classess take their power from nature.Some powerfull druids can transform their self into an animal or part of their self into one.On the other hand rangers are very skillfull warrior that possess some nature magic.
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Interactive Map


Mini Games

Seed of the arcane has many mini games to relax from the normal gameplay.Drinking games , fist fights , find the lady, eat as fast as you can , thowing challenge , dancing.Addionally we plan to develop our own card game and mage chess.

Choose your Class, Be Your class

When you choose a class all the Npcs are starting behaving to you depending on your !Many quest are unlocked, addionally your fanction change the set of endings that are available to you.Futhermore some classess have a code of contact that you must keep in order to keep the class.

Become a Landlord

In the seed of the arcane you can buy a home or get a room in the tower.Addionally at some point in the game you are assigned a area that you must build in order to withstand an attack.You can build your area by doing quests.Player will have a lot of deploment options (buildings, Troops).The resources that the player will have in his disposal will vary depending on his/her fantions

Romance and Influence

Player can romance the 3 main npcs, although possible it is diffucult to get the requirement influence.Player can lose his/her chance depending on their choice.Apart from romance player can make friedships with the party members and help them developed though the games.Seed of the arcane is heavly depending on the main party memembers they can influence the ending of the game.Party members can leave the party if they feel that they are not welcome there thus it is advice to choice your options with care.Reminder, seed of the arcane will not have a "Save slot" it will ofcourse have a save progress system.This is for addionally realism futhermore influence play an impoarant role in the seed of the arcane, since your allies are the ones that will help you in a tied spot! Seed of the arcane will revulionaze the revival proccess by including the influence factor on them.




This game has been made taking virtual reality into acount.


Not a virtual reality guy? Not a problem because you can use eyetracking tecnology to enhance your gameplay.


Your choices change the enviroment around you. Every single character in game has an influence bar with your character.


Feel like a wizard, druid or warrior, speak like them, act like them, be them. NPCs change their behavior according to your class.


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